Hey guys! My name is Kylee! My husband Tanner and I are the owners of The Coulee Cottage. We are super excited to finally have a little place for you guys to shop online! 

We're a wood artisan couple from Cardston AB, Canada. We have two sweet little girls, and a huge puppy dog! We've been married for 5 short years, and didn't know we wanted to be artists for 4 of them! haha

We started this little business last year while Tanner was going to school at the University of Lethbridge. The summer leading up to starting our business, Tanner did fencing and brought home a lot of scrap wood they were supposed to take to the dump. He knew I would want to make something out of it, he was right! We started buying power tools left and right, and did a few reno projects around our house. I've always loved repurposing furniture and painting, I was in heaven! Tanners mom caught wind that we were making decor for our place and told us to make her some doorstep pumpkins for her house. That was how we started our business. We got 60 orders of pumpkins after that. We DIDN'T charge nearly enough, but at the time we were so excited to be making a few bucks as poor students, we didn't care! And the rest is history! This year has been a crazy learning experience, but so much fun. We've made such amazing friends, and have met some great people through doing this. We love it to say the least!

Long story short, we both jumped into this little business with both feet. It's been a little dream come true for us! We couldn't have done it without our amazing families, friends, and local communities. Tanner and I are excited to see what the years ahead have in store for us, and can't wait to grow as artists.